Birthdays are a funny thing..

Birthdays are a funny things, mine was very recent and I find that different people have such different expectations for celebrating a birthday!

I love having a quiet one on one with a friend or two, sometimes going out for a live show, but all in all I don’t make a big celebration unless it’s a “0” number!

Others seem to want a big celebation, or no celebration at all- hoping that it will just all go away.

I love group celebations for Xmas etc. but for myself only it is a take it or leave it affair. It’s a surprise how different we all are!

Looking at my different friends, we all have our own way of celebrating or avoiding the birthday occasion. One friend tries to leave the country every year so she doesn’t have to celebrate with anyone at all. I suppose it’ a great way to see new faces every year, depending on how you look at it.
To everyone out there- hope you celebrate your birthday the way you wish to celebrate it!
Happy birthday!

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