Be careful what you wish just might get it?

A theme arose last week after having a week of fabulous & interesting conversations with some fellow Inspiring Women (who if course are fabulous and interesting women!). 
These thoughts are my own and are not from one particular conversation that was had.

Everyone is of course striving for what they want, they wish for, what their goals are.

But how many people actually can see what the middle and the end of their goals actually look like?
Even those who have become successful now realise that their success has created more work for them…..

Does it ever stop? Will I always be tired?This isn’t giving me the joy & excitement any more?

I remember 6 years ago being absolutely sure what I wanted to do…I read books, online workshops, tried to educate myself as much as I could about this direction I wanted to go in.
It seemed exciting, plenty of money could be made, there would be a demand.
Inspiring Women had a guest speaker who spoke and I was hooked as she lived and breathed everything I had imagined this was going to be! 
I met with this speaker a few months later at another event and found out the lifestyle involved was not a dream one at all, in fact it was hard, lonely and unrelenting.
Big reality check!

What I have learned is to find someone who really has walked the talk and find out the pluses and minuses and make an informed decision from there. 
Personally I decided not to go ahead, having had health issues earlier I knew that at that point in my life I would not be able to create what I had wished for, would not have the energy level required so I dropped it.

Sometimes you do get what you wish and work for and it doesn’t seem to be what you actually wanted. 
That can happen, but can be used to your advantage.
If your success is driving you to have no time anymore, then it’s time for a change….

If you still love what you do in your business, it’s time to go to the next level and get a coach to get you to understand how to leverage and do more with less.
This is critical: 

  • if you are earning money just for yourself you are self employed.
  • If you are earning money from managing people (and this one we can get really stuck with) you are a manager.

To be a real business owner you need to be making money from the profits of your business and that’s when coaching etc. really can help you achieve.

Finding the right coach is another whole topic, beware but the right one for you at a particular time of change in your business is essential.

In saying this though I also acknowledge that sadly age and life cycles do come into this equation with importance, especially for women.

Unless you are lucky enough to be Peter Pan, we do actually age and as women, security for our old age becomes extremely important. This starts as a small voice telling you to think about it in your mid 30’s, becomes a louder voice in your mid 40’s and a screaming irritant on your mid 50’s!

It is so much harder for older women to become entrepreneurial if their personal finances are an unsettled issue.
However if you have a successful business that is growing out of control leaving you exhausted, unfulfilled then it’s time to get a move on to a coach.

An extremely successful local businessman had a business for many years. After 15 years he was tired, resented going into work but loved the lifestyle the business provided him with. 
He thought his only option was to sell the business and try something new.
What happened then was everything he tried didn’t work as he didn’t know enough about the new industries he bought into. 

3 business later he went broke.

What he should have done was got in a manager and then taken 6,9 or 12 months off. 
Got away from his business & recharged his batteries, found his mojo and come back to decide what direction his business could move to for it’s next stage.

When business owners get tired, they can make rash decisions about their businesses but sometimes it’s just that it’s time for a well earned break.

Even employees get long service leave after 10 years here in Australia, what about the employers, the business owners?

So what ever you wish for in your business, I hope you make plans to consider what you will actually do when you get there!

Have you actually received what you wished for in your business when you started? I know I have!

2 responses to “Be careful what you wish just might get it?”

  1. Nicole says:

    Thanks Sue – you are ever inspiring!
    You have reminded me I need to review my wish(s)! It is so true – you really need to be careful what you wish for & we ready to receive it!

  2. Sue Heins says:

    Thank you Nicole,
    Yes, sometimes what we think we really want isn’t the best after all….
    May your wishes be truly successful!