At Christmas, all roads lead home. (Marjorie Holmes)

A common thing I say at our Inspiring Women events is that as women we all have similar circumstances we go through.
Whether it’s bringing up children, looking after elderly parents, we are all someones daughter, sister, aunt, mother + much more!

My Christmas is celebrated on the night of the 24th December as this was the tradition I was brought up with as my parents came from Austria. It is a special time for our family where we still use real candles on our Christmas tree and turn out the lights to acknowledge this special time of the year.

If you are lucky enough to have young children at your Christmas celebrations this year, enjoy the excitement, fun and laughter that only young kids can supply with their unadulterated anticipation of the presents being opened!
This is so special when the kids are young!
I have always loved hearing kids being so excited at Christmas, it just makes the heart sing.

My Christmas night has teenage boys (my nephews) who are now too cool for any of that stuff which is a shame but all normal in the cycle of life.
What is special for me is knowing my dear old Dad will be enjoying this night. He is of an age where I know that each Christmas he spends with us is a gift as there won’t be too many left.
I know this is also all the cycle of life but makes each Christmas left more important than the last one.
The joy of spending Christmas with elderly parents is that you know it is no longer a matter of the gift giving that gives them joy- the real joy for my Dad is seeing his family together, talking, smiling and sharing stories. My Dad’s memory is so poor now, I know he can’t remember what we did last year but I know he will love the fact his family is together and he is with us to enjoy it.

So no matter where you are or who you will be with, my wish to you is to just enjoy the moment.
It really doesn’t matter if the food gets burnt, the relatives forgot to bring something or that you don’t have the matching napkins, there is only 24 hours at Christmas and you deserve to enjoy every moment of it.

As Andy Rooney once said-“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don’t clean it up too quickly”.

I’m looking forward to the New Year’s break- I have some friends flying in from Melbourne staying with us, a party to go to at friends plus a wedding to celebrate on New Years Day.
I also plan to catch up with a member or 2 who have been too busy to attend events to find out what is happening in their world.
Enjoy your break, no matter how short it may be. I have worked through many a Christmas when I was a shiftworker for a large company to ensure people were safe over their holidays and I can honestly say there is a special “calm” that descends when Christmas starts to happen in peoples homes.
I think that calm is called love.

4 responses to “At Christmas, all roads lead home. (Marjorie Holmes)”

  1. Lesley snell says:

    Too right Sue
    Have a lovely christmas with your family
    Happy and successful New Year to you and Nigel
    Lesley x

  2. IW says:

    Thank you Leslie- hope you got your new fridge!

  3. Sue, have a great Christmas, enjoy your family and friends and have a good rest. You stole my Andy Rooney quote that I was going to post on my FB page:). Thanks so much for all of your support during this year, next year promises to be bigger and better – bring it on.

  4. IW says:

    Thanks Angela,
    I’m sure Andy won’t mind if we all use it 🙂
    It’s so true- we usually leave the mess until the family is leaving after midnight!