Are Women all alike or do we just think differently?

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After enjoying an amazing week last week in Kiama watching another 47 women meet each other, mix and mingle and listen to the amazing guest speaker, Amanda Stevens and …..the week before watching the same again on the Northern Beaches, it was heart warming for me.

After running so many events over many years it never ceases to amaze me how similar women are, no matter what background, upbringing, religious beliefs or age group we come from.

Yes, to quote that famous Monty Python film Life of Brian“we are all individuals!”

However there is a commonality at a basic level of our life cycles in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

Women who are dynamic, looking for adventure, something new, still ready to “play” always stand out as shining lights. No matter how tough life has been there, is a spirit in some women that just never dulls, they are not only survivors but thrivers, whether they are in  their 20’s or in their 70’s you can just feel it!

There is such an energy in the room when you get a room full of women like this together and it gives you a buzz for the rest of the day and a smile on your face.

I look at Kiama’s mixture of ladies, some owned businesses, some were retired, some were looking for work, ladies who are dairy farmers to mobile app suppliers and everything in between!

Each and every woman was special and unique but similar in their shining light within.


shining light

Even with all those similarities though, many of us think differently from each other. Understanding and tolerance of each others differences makes life the tapestry that it is. It doesn’t mean we all have to like each other but have grace and wisdom to care and listen.

To see some of the happy faces of Kiama visit the album here

When you meet someone who has that light within, you just recognise it straight away!

They are like-minded women, so why not invite them along to one of our meetings at either the Northern Beaches, Sydney, Kiama in the Illawarra region or Milton,Ulladulla in the Shoalhaven region watch the room dynamics!

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