An Important time to put forward your views in NSW

Recently I had the occasion to listen to the new Small Business Commissioner (what is a Small Business Commissioner) recently appointed by the new State government who is on a listening tour starting in Metropolitan Sydney and going out to the regional areas of NSW.

What happens when governments change is that each new incoming government wants to hear about how they can do things better and a listening tour is a great start.
What most people don’t seem to realise though is that everything is under review…the good as well as the bad.

Unless small business people speak up and say what they actually liked, it may not continue.

This was clear to me as the session ended as 4 small business people came up to me asking when I was putting on more small business training events in the area.

I explained to these owners that the mentoring programs they want to enlist for are also “under review” and may not continue if people don’t speak out about what they want.

It suddenly dawned on them what this review actually meant to them.

So if you have ever attended a:

  • Small Business September event
  • Microbiz Week event
  • Manufacturing Week event
  • Small Business Mentoring program
  • Attended or joined a Cluster ( eg: Fashion, Manufacturing, Natural Health etc)
  • Attended a Business Enterprise Centre for information
  • Contacted anyone regarding the Business Advisory Services
  • Participated in Young Entrepreneurs
  • Participated in Women in Business
  • Participated in any mentoring program supported by the State Government
  • Business MasterClass

Then PLEASE fill in this survey to let the Small Business Commissioner know what you want and where you are (by filling in the postcode!) We need your votes & your opinions!


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