5 lessons I’ve learnt from women I’ve worked with

Today’s blog post is by a young woman called April.

My name is April Lipson and I’m 21, studying full time at RMIT University and have been working since I was 14.  I’ve had numerous casual jobs, and when I say numerous I mean about 9 or 10 in hospitality, retail and everything in between.
I’ve learnt many lessons but here is a list of the most valuable lessons I’ve learnt from women I have worked with.

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  1. Be on time

Always be on time. Whether you are early or late or just on time is on the first things your colleagues will notice when you arrive at work. Being on time means you are reliable and someone who is reliable in the workplace is valued.


  1. Take an active interest

Take an active interest in the people you work with. Find out what they like, their family and weekend plans. Then you can follow up on these things when you see them next. It makes work a little easier when you don’t just talk about work and maybe you will meet someone who shares similar interests to you.


  1. Learning never stops

This is the main lesson I learnt when I was an intern at Loud&Clear, a digital agency in Melbourne. In the digital industry, or any industry in fact, you can never know too much. Things are always changing and advancing and it’s so important to know of these changes so you can implement them in your work. I value my education and after working with the women I have worked with at Loud&Clear I know that it’s important to never stop learning.


  1. If you never ask you will never know

If you never ask a question you will never get an answer. And the worst it’s ever going to be is ‘no’. And better to hear ‘no’ than to never have an answer at all. If anything, your confidence to ask in the first place will be valued.


  1. Be kind but be assertive

This is something I learnt when I wanted to go from an intern position to a paid position. I was kind when I asked but I was assertive and sure of what I was asking. In doing this I let my employers know what kind of worker I would be. E.g. If I could be kind and get the job I was after I could work in the same manner for them.



Every opportunity is an opportunity to learn and grow, and I have met some amazing women in my short time in the workforce and learnt some lifelong lessons.


As we know at Inspiring Women, our next generation of women coming through will have opportunities we only dreamed of at their age.
I’d like to thank April for a timely reminder to us all, that our actions and behaviour as women is observed and that it is up to “us” to make sure that the life and career paths of the next generation gets helped by women encouraging them to reach their full potential. I am sure those reading this blog from April will wish her all the best in her studies in bachelor of professional communications. (Sue)

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  1. Great points whatever your age or career.