The Happy Body

The Happy Body
The Happy Body

I work in a clinic that resolves body pain and stiffness both acute and chronic. There are only 2 clinics like this in Australia.!

Ask yourself….When I wake up in the morning do I bounce out of bed, or do I feel older than I am?

If you want to bounce out of bed and feel much younger because your pain and stiffness has been resolved quickly with long lasting
results then make an appointment.
We achieve this by using Japanese methods & a oscillating magnetic tool.

We do passive manipulation, which puts you back into your alignment in a gentle way.

We also offer a
*PICK ME UP PACKAGE* $40 It’s so-ooo good.!

We use the oscillating magnetic gun .

*Relax you from foot to neck
*Reflexology Japanese techenique
*Recharges your energy

*Gets your blood circulating & flowing to peak level in areas where it has been blocked

*Releasing built up toxins in the body

*Excellent for reducing stress

Give us a call it will take only a few minutes and we will tell you honestly if we can help you.
Check out our website, it’s very informative.

Thanks for your time.

0409819171 or 0410811830
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